As a State of Texas certified HUB and WBE, CMBL member, and DIR approved vendor for State of Texas, C&T Information Technology Consulting has provided quality staff to our varied client base for a diverse array of IT projects. Our services range from feasibility studies, system analysis and hardware selection to design, development, testing, systems implementation and project management.

C&T INFOTECH specializes in the provision of:

From Specialized Consultants to Total System Implementations...

C&T INFOTECH offers a vast array of resources and knowledge.

Consulting and placement skills ranging from, but certainly not limited to:

Many of C&T InfoTech’s services are delivered on a contract basis, but our clients will also engage us in a search for permanent employees. We often work with clients on a contract-for-hire basis, allowing our consultants to transition over to the client as a full time employee after a period of time, if such a move is mutually desired. In addition, C&T InfoTech can provide our clients with content specific teams that will engage in turnkey solution projects, guaranteed to meet all deliverable deadlines on time.

C&T Information Technology Consulting also partners on various opportunities with like-minded organizations to fulfill our client’s needs. This offers our clients a one-stop total solution, with each participant bringing their specialty to the project.

C&T InfoTech looks forward to serving our current and future clients.